Hello World.

My name is Jenn and I love to program.

Programming Contact

Hello, world! My name is Jenn!

I've always been a geeky girl, happier to tinker on the computer than doing traditional "girl" stuff. I completed my B.Sc. in Biology (University of Western Ontario), but couldn't shake the feeling that I'd chosen the wrong path.

I bit the bullet and went back to school for my A.S. in Programming. It was love at first key-press! I completed the degree in 2014, and have been working at my college as an online course assistant for almost all of the programming courses. I also work at Birth Defect Research for Children as their resident programmer. Please check them out, it's a great cause!

My favorite languages (currently)

  • Java and Android Programming
  • SQL (MySQL and Oracle SQL)
  • PHP, HTML, Javascript (mainly JQuery and React), CSS
  • Python, C# and C++

Check out my Work

Micah's First Farm

  • Available for Kindle Fire
  • Farm animals, counting, matching
  • For children 12 months to 3 years

Seminole State College Tutoring

  • Programming course assistance for
    Seminole State College students

Birth Defect Research for Children

  • I work here!
  • Database Administration
  • Online registry programming

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